Contract Management

Accompanying contract management:

Risks for later processing are already analyzed during the offer phase. Corresponding consequences are pointed out and a catalogue of measures is created.

After signing the contract, the documents are analysed again with regard to deviations from the offer documents. The compliance with the contractual conditions is monitored during the further project execution.

Corresponding notifications and potential claims are made in compliance with the contractual deadlines and conditions, or the defence against incoming claims is processed. Supplementary negotiations are prepared on the basis of the necessary contractual documents and then conducted in consultation with the project management.

Claim management after contract conclusion:

In principle, the same conditions apply to claim management as to accompanying contract management, but the cost-benefit effect must be assessed here with regard to the claim volume.

The commercial solution should be the aim of the processing of claims after conclusion of the contract.

Court and arbitration proceedings:

Special care is necessary in corresponding court or arbitration proceedings, since the claims on the part of the obligation to provide evidence are very high. A compelling proof between cause and effect must be shown, so that it is often unavoidable to have an analysis of the disturbed construction process carried out by an expert, especially for damage caused by delay.

Furthermore, the damage must be proven in detail:

Whole teams are deployed here to work out the processing of the cause-effect chain and store the corresponding documents. The project participants, as well as the responsible lawyers are intensively involved and the entire work between the participants is coordinated.
The size and competence of the team is determined on the basis of the factual requirements and put together accordingly.